Tik tok new Challenge

Tik Tok new Challenge has come with new Style


Tik Tok new Challenge Nowadays Tik Tok is now the biggest platform where teenagers can show their talent. Mostly Teenagers and child's interest is going on Tik Tok. Now we can see a new challenge over Tik Tok. This Challenge can also hurt people physically. This challenge is going viral over tik Tok very Speedly.

Nowadays Tik Tok is the King of the internet most teenagers like to watch short videos of Tik Tok. In India, Tik Tok is a very large amount of platform for sharing a Short video. Users are increasing and soon it will cover the whole world.we are facing a measure issue because of increasing the user count of Tik Tok people are getting hurt physically. Skull Breaker is the name of this challenge.

Actually, three people have to take part in this challenge, who stand in a straight line. Of this, the contestant jumps first and when the third contestant (who is standing between the two) jumps, both the first participants who have jumped as a prank have their feet.

Skull breaking challenge is a very Popular Challenge on tik tok

The participants do not know about the prank anything. Cause when he/she fells down he gets a heavy injury. When anyone fells down in this case then his/her neck can be heavily injured. Because of these cased Teachers have already warned their children. There may be a lot of injury because of this Prank. Such a case was found in the US and because of a son prank, his mother was injured.

Tik Tok is made to enjoy and entertain yourself. Don’t ever let Tik Tok become a bad habit. Always take care of everything whenever you are going to do any prank

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