Exercise for Increase Height:- Everybody likes a tall personality, and all people attract more to a tall person and give them more value than a short hight's person. Most people are upset with their short height, they feel unconfident just because of their short height. And feel shy to go in front of any person. A tall personality really gives a smart or attractive look.

it happens because of growth hormones that are not as effective as like other hormones. your 90% growth depends on your parents but by a healthy diet and good exercise, your height can increase a few inches after the age of Eighteen.

Some food that can increase your height

Some food that can increas your height

1 vegetable

2 Banana

3 Eggs

4 Milk

5 Chikan

6 Ashwagandha

7 Dry foods

8 sleeping


Take green vegetables in food daily. it has lots of nutrients like Protean, Calcium, Iron Carbon, etc. that's very important for your body and body height.


Banana is very helpful for growth height and weight gain. It has calcium, potassium, and magnesium properties. potassium improves bone weakness. Magnesium is helpful for increasing height. Eat 5to 6 Bananas every day.


you should ea 2or 3 Egg daily, the egg is cheap and gets very easily in the market  .it has so many minerals and vitamin-like vitamin D, Vitamin B 12, Calcium, Vitamin B1, Zink. which is very important to your height .protean increase your height and also make your meal tight. you can get the vitamin from mushroom and  oily fish  because of the lake of Vitamin D your height can stop growing sit in sunlight you will get vitamin D in it also


Chicken has protean and cause of fat you must Eat chikan fish eggs etc. it is very helpful to increase your height it has protean in lots of quantity.

Dry food

Dry foods are also a good source of increase your height, take nuts and seeds 30 to 40 grams daily


Ashwagandha product also helps to increase your height, you should try it you will get a good result


Proper sleep is very important taking uncomplete sleep to create lots of problems physically like hair fall, unactive body headache, and lack of concentration. And for getting a good height proper sleep is important.

An Exercise that will Increase your Height


1 Cobra Exercise

in this exercise, your body gets strech .lie on flour keep your hand on flour straight, and keep your head up its release growth hormones because of stretching body you have to do this exercise 10 minutes.

Cobra Exercise

2 Standing Verticle

stand in the verticle position . open your both leg, joint both hands, and stretch your body left or right. A force release because of it and growth hormones releases

standing verticle

3 Alternet leg

This exercise helps you to increase your height. lie on in on belly force a mat and stretch your body and stand up your hand, keep it straight. keep your right hand down and stand up your wright's leg be in this position for some time by it your spinal cord stretch and help you to increase your height.

Alternet leg

4 Skipping Rope

Take the rope and round in I circle and jump .you have to not jump on the road so jump before roap come near to your legs.

It is a full-body exercise and very important exercise by this exercise stretching force increase in your toes .your blood circulation will increase by it and growth hormones increase

Skipping Rope

5 Hanging

Handy your self with tree ring and any other objects.  keep your body loose. A gravity force increase by it and your body stretches in this exercise you all body is straight. do this exercise 10 minutes and in the morning because in the morning your body used to be loose


6 Side Stretch

This exercise your height will increase soon and easily.because of it your muscle become tight and this is the main reason that it helps you to increase your height. stand on the floor and stand joint your hand and stretch it to the left or right. don't do this exercise after having food

Side stretch

7 Low lunge Arch

This is also the best and very important exercise to keep you on lag ahead and one leg back .keep your both hand up and joint both hands do it again and again in the morning every day.

Low lunge Arch

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